Next Level

The role of the Next Level is to source some of the worlds most rare and unique coffees. Truly next level flavours. 

Delicate, complex, silky, smooth body

This month:  Ethiopia – Boji village – washed - Yirgacheffe (non organic*)

*We are constantly hunting for exceptional “Next Level” coffee flavours and when we find them, we are excited to share it with you.  Next Level coffees are difficult to find, therefore, it is our only product that may occasionally be sourced from a non-certified farm.  This does not necessarily mean that the coffee is not organically produced, the producers sometimes may not have the means to fund the certification process or may work in other sustainable ways. Either way, we will always work with like-minded producers that share our values of being good to our planet and people as well as share our passion for quality coffee.

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