Brewing change

When it comes to the planet, we’re fast reaching the point of no return.

That’s scary – but it’s not too late to do something about it.

Here’s the good news: our choices make a difference.

Every day, the little things we do differently, they add up.

Let’s make this the turning point.

Let’s make this the turning point

We might make coffee, but our first question is always, “Is this the right thing for people and the planet?” If the answer is yes to both, that’s what we do.

It’s about making it easier for you to choose for the side of good. It’s about really good coffee, that’s also really good for the world.

It’s not going to solve everything, but it could be part of a turning point to put us all on the right track.

Fair sourcing: good for people and the environment

Our green beans come direct from growers or through certified organic farms, so we know where they’re coming from and who’s getting paid what. It’s about fairness really – and we’re not interested in anything less.

After years of traveling the globe sourcing coffee for larger coffee roasters, Stu’s seen the difference that fair prices can make – for growers, and for the local environments too.

When producers are paid fairly, they can make decisions for the long term. It’s when people have a plan for the future they see the value in protecting the environment. Reinvestment in farms improves the quality of the growers produce, so that’s a triple win as far as we’re concerned.

Reusable and Compostable Packaging

At the heart of our business model are our cool reusable coffee cans. It’s how we supply cafes and how you can access genuinely zero-waste, premium coffee. Our intention is to have this available for everyone, we’re starting with limited areas, get in touch to see where those areas are, for everywhere else, we deliver in home compostable bags.

Compostable packaging

The packaging we have can be composted at home. Remove the valve from the coffee bag and the label from the courier bag and put it on your pile, even use the bags as your compost bin liner.  How long it takes to break down will depend on the size, make-up and temperature of your compost heap.

We’ll do it for you

We’re in this environmental mess because companies get to choose cheap packaging then let you deal with it. We’re doing the opposite, if you can’t compost your packaging at home, save up 10 bags by yourself or with your mates and we’ll pay for you to get it back to us and we’ll sort it the right way. Get in touch to learn more.