Brewing change

In every decision we make, we ask ourselves, is this the right thing to do for people and planet and are we creating prosperity for all, from growers to consumers? From tree to cup our goal is to minimise our impact on our environment.

Sustainably sourced organic coffee

Our green beans come direct from growers or through certified organic farms, so we know where they’re coming from and who’s getting paid what. It’s about fairness really – and we’re not interested in anything less.

After years of traveling the globe sourcing coffee for larger coffee roasters, we've seen the difference that fair prices can make – for growers, and for the local environments too.

When producers are paid fairly, they can make decisions for the long term. It’s when people have a plan for the future they see the value in protecting the environment. Reinvestment in farms improves the quality of the growers produce, so that’s a triple win as far as we’re concerned.

Great Coffee Locally Roasted

Roasted fresh daily on one of the most advanced small batch roasters using infra-red elements, so no gas equals less emissions.  We deliver fresh daily and to order so your coffee lands as fresh and tasty as possible.  We use bike delivery or electric vehicles where possible and if not possible we use NZ couriers in carefully considered packaging.

No waste packaging (Compostable - reusable)

Our ultimate goal is re-use, it’s how we supply cafes and how you can genuinely access zero-waste premium coffee.  Our intention is to have this available for everyone, we’re starting with limited areas, get in touch to see where those areas are, for everywhere else, we deliver in home compostable bags.

End of Life

The packaging we have can be composted at home. Remove the valve from the coffee bag and the label from the courier bag and put it on your pile, even use the bags as your compost bin liner.  How long it takes to break down will depend on the size, make-up and temperature of your compost heap.

We'll do it for you

As a business we take ownership for the full life cycle of our product and packaging.  If you can’t compost your packaging at home, save up 10 bags by yourself or with your mates and we’ll pay for you to get it back to us and we’ll sort it the right way.  We believe it’s a business responsibility and not just the consumers to ensure the correct life-cycle for their products and the impact on our environment.  Get in touch to learn more.

Supporting community projects

For us, doing business for good, means supporting community projects that are beneficial to our planet and people.  We’re initiating some community projects here, if you’d like to learn more get in touch.

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